Prioritize Yourself

Get back your freedom to move well without pain

Performance Rehab that is Unmatched

The Active Adult

 If you are an adult who is trying to crush it in the gym, keep up in the adult soccer field, or trying to continue marathon training for life, but find yourself running into road blocks due to pain or mobility issues, then click the link below to find out how a specialist can help you today!

The Athlete

Are you an athlete whether in middle school or in college or competing in barbell sports like power lifting or CrossFit and can’t seem to get rid of the nagging injuries that keep you from performing your best? Click below to find out how a specialist can best help you get in the game and stay in the game!

Maintenance Plans

These plans are offered after you complete a plan of care with one of our specialists. Once you are pain free, the job isn’t done yet! Our goal is to give you long-term solutions so you don’t have to worry about that injury or pain again!


We want to give our clients the power and confidence to build a resilient body and understand the tools to stay away from pain and injury and to continue living out a fitness forward and healthy lifestyle.

We want to change the landscape of “healthcare” by helping people stay in the health and wellness game for a lifetime.

Meet Dr. Chris Long

Owner/Performance Physio PT, DPT, OCS, AIB-VRC


"Chris at platinum rehab is a miracle worker. He has gotten back on track with some overuse injuries and really helped me evolve as an athlete and as a human being. 10/10 would recommend."


We use an individualized 1 on 1 approach:

Find the Performance Faults

Thorough orthopedic assessment

Correct the Faults

Using a custom physio performance approach

Provide Long Term Solutions

Maintenance plans to keep you pain free


Identifying your pain point is step one

A pain and injury free life is not something that will just HAPPEN. It is something that must be worked towards and maintained

Live the pain free life that you deserve

Hear From Our Awesome Patients!

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It’s so challenging to find a healthcare provider who is not only extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise, but also someone who genuinely cares about each patient as an individual. Within the first few minutes of speaking with Dr. Chris, you immediately know that your needs are being heard and that the treatment Chris provides is going to be extremely well thought out. I saw Dr. Chris with a myriad of issues, some more major than others, and he has taken the time to address each one thoroughly. I feel amazingly better each time I walk out of his office. Chris’s innovative approach, compared to a chiropractor or traditional physical therapy, has been a game changer for me. Not only has it allowed me push myself in the gym, but it has given me a very uplifting sense of general well being.
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Dr. Chris Long with Platinum Rehab Specialists is very professional and attentive. He figures out what is best for each individual and does not treat you in a “cookie cutter” style. I first started with Chris when my hip was continually becoming a problem. I was almost to the point of not being able to walk after running or exercise. He is very knowledgeable and works with you to identify issues and prescribe the best PT treatment for your needs and abilities. Once we got to a point where I was comfortable, we were able to work on running form and exercises to get back where I need to be. He provides a great explanation of treatment and helps to pinpoint problem areas, as well as exercises to overcome issues. I have been very pleased with his services and can say that I am completely pain free at this point. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
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Dr. Chris is amazing! After battling pain in my shoulder/shoulder blade for the last four years, I FINALLY decided to do something about it. After the first visit I immediately felt relief and within a few weeks would consider myself pain-free, 95% of the time!! Working with Dr. Chris has been a great experience and I am continually impressed with his knowledge, skills and professionalism. I will continue to see him for all my PT needs!
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Dr. Chris is certainly part of the 1% of clinicians who will actually listen to you and find the best way to treat you and only you. Each session is different and nothing is "cookie cutter." It's awesome that each session is one-on-one so I know I'm not getting pushed off to someone else every time. You can tell he really cares about helping. He is worth it!
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I came to Chris Long to assist me in training for an ultra marathon and helping with my tarsal tunnel and ankle instability . He has been absolutely amazing. I’m 7 weeks into my training program and have not had any numbness while running . Through his detailed running program and therapy sessions , I have actually also improved my running times and improved my running stride. I would absolutely recommend him.